Yiexson Children’s Star Lamp Projector Fun Luminous Puzzle Education R4w1 Projection Flashlight Baby Lamp Early


Early Learning Toys & Sleeping Bedtime Education: Stimulate the child’s curiosity and imagination, comfort the baby to sleep! This toy is sure to develop intelligence and to bring fun to children!
【Parent-Child Toys 】Let children understand of optics. projected at different distances will look different, which is amazing! Multi-mode play, play and learn, stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination.
【Customer Satisfaction First】: If you are not satisfied just contact us first and we’ll cheerfully solve.
【Christmas Movie Watching children’s slide projector is composed of multiple modes and is easy to use. You only need to pull plastic cover to replace slide, then insert selected disc and rotate or adjust disc to observe projected image.
【Simple To Use】- Put the corresponding card in the card slot. Just turn on the to display the corresponding Christmas pattern.

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