Yanscian Desert Eagle Nerf Gun Model Building Pistol Toy kit Set 222 Pcs DIY STEM Toy Gun That Shoots Building Block Brick for Kids&Adults Educational Construction Compatible with Lego


✔ COLOR DISTINCTION FROM ACTUAL GUN. This Yanscian Desert Eagle Pistol provided a different color appearance than actual gun to protect kids from any misunderstanding while they are playing. Safer, Happier!!
✔ NO INJURIED. Every bullet that the Desert Eagle launching are SAFE SOFT FOAM BULLETS that are foldable, recoverable, reusable. This safe bullets allow kids to play safe with no worries.
✔ UNDERSTANDING AND EXPERIENCE of what are the main components of an Pistol. This Yanscian Desert Eagle Pistol is highly simulating to an actual pistol with many details, such as Trigger, Bolt, Launcher, Grip, and so on to educate kids about this mechanical engineering world to develop their hobbies. One of the perfect gifts for adults and kids.
✔ IT IS A CHALLENGE BUT FUN building your own gun with 222 bricks. All parts are in high-quality and well-packed in case of missing. With help of guide in the box, you would be able to achieve building you own gun that could shoot and making it works would bring you a strong sense of achievement and a lot of fun.
✔ HANDS-ON ABILITY ON SOLVING PROBLEMS. Building your own gun with 222 bricks would require hands-on ability to assemble the gun properly to make it shoot. After all the works, it could improve hand on skill to a next level and ability of solving problems.

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