Wooden Children’s Easel, Writing Erasable Blackboard Bracket Type Primary School Children’s Magnetic Easel Easel


Stimulate creative learning, enlightenment of happy graffiti painting, help babies recognize the world and inspire talent. The structure is rigorous and meticulous, and the details of each place are based on the baby.
Rounded borders, rounded corners are smooth, beautiful, and every point of upgrading is only for better. Easy to wipe without traces, any graffiti can be wiped and cleaned, and you don’t have to worry about soiling the drawing board anymore.
Child-safe material, UV environmental protection transparent paint, high environmental protection hardness and easy to clean, clear texture at a glance.
The resulting upgraded PP board legs can prevent the board legs from bending and cracking caused by the drawing board being raised. 360 ° multi-dimensional grinding, 16 steps of manual grinding and slipping can be skin-friendly without burrs.
Black and white double-sided, large board with free graffiti, magnetic accessories can be pasted freely, endlessly easy to fold, easy to store, easy to put together in the corner, put out the car trunk.

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