Taf Toys ‘Tropical Orchestra Arch’ | Ideal for Infant & Toddlers, Fits Stroller & Pram, Activity Arch with Fascinating Toys, Stimulates Baby’s Senses and Motor Skills Development, Easier Outdoors


✓PERFECT FOR INFANT AND TODDLERS – This is especially designed toy for parents carrying babies in stroller and pram. This is absolutely suitable for infant as well as toddlers and serves baby’s Easier Outdoors.
✓ FASCINATING TROPICAL ORCHESTRA ARCH THAT STIMULATES BABIES’ SENSES – ‘Taf Toys’ presents this tropical orchestra that fits easily onto most prams, infant car seats or bouncers with two large sturdy clips. This arch with fascinating instrumental toys stimulates babies’ senses and motor skills development.
✓INTERACTIVE TOYS FOR BABIES’ MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT – This arch includes toys that enable baby’s senses and motor skills development. The toys include chime bell with teether, maracas monkey and cymbals pineapple. This will surprise your baby and will keep the baby occupied. Baby will be happy and involved playing with toys and listening various sounds.
✓BABY’S ENTERTAINMENT ON THE GO –. Generally outdoor traveling can be monotonic for the baby and intriguing toys can help and entertain the baby, on-the-go. They need to be kept occupied with entertaining means. Hence this arch is very useful for baby in prams and stroller etc. This serves babies’ interest while baby’s daily walks. In addition baby is rewarded by sounds as the toys are hit or kicked.
✓ARCH WITH TOYS FOR BABY’S ENTERTAINMENT – Baby get fun filled environment with musical chime bell, teether, maracas monkey and cymbals pineapple whilst in the stroller and pram. The arch fits easily onto with prams and strollers, through two large sturdy clips. Plastic clips securely attach to most strollers, prams, car seats and bouncers allowing baby to play on the go. Arch’s clips are easy to attach and adjust. This enables Easier Outdoors and Easier Parenting.

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