Swan Castle Nano Mini Building Block Toy Children’s Stitching Toy,World Famous Architectural Model Small Particles,Educational Toy for Adults Teenage Child 8288 pcs+


This is an educational and eco-friendly small particle building block toy in that it contributes to enhance children’s creativity.Each child has infinite creativity.Through the combination of building blocks, you can exercise the design ability of children and children’s perception of space can be developed to enhance children’s creativity Children can explore logical thinking, movement, and problem solving skills
Cultivate children’s hand-eye-brain coordination and coordination skills: In the process of building blocks, children will first think about how to build them and then use the hand-eye coordination ability. Building blocks is careful work in itself, so building When you build, you need dozens of blocks to match, which is a good way to train your baby’s hands-on ability. Patience will help him work well.
Particle Number: 8288 pcs Assembled Size: 50 * 26 *35 cm .Ideal gift for various festivals such as Children’s Day, Christmas and New Year, suitable for family reunions, kids reunions, interactive parent games e sons.
The little particle building blocks are fun, challenging, and just as dramatic as real things. They are very difficult, suitable for children above 14 years old.These are not only suitable for children, but can also be used as interactive toys for parents and children. Parent help can do better. We provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. A detailed graphic description inside will give you a clear understanding of how complete
Note: Due to the high difficulty of building blocks with small particles, please consider whether you can accept before buying.Each box of building blocks will be given away with extra building blocks to prevent missing parts. If you find that some parts are missing during the splicing process, please check whether the previous splicing process has caused errors in the following steps, thank you.And we guarantee a quality guarantee and refund policy.

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