RAHEL Transparent Flowers Bouquets Building Kit with Vase, MOC Red Rose Flower Bricks Toy Set for Kids and Adults, Compatible with Lego 40461 40460


Material: The parts are made of eco-friendly ABS material for perfect fit, stunning luster and small tolerance, neither too loose nor too tight.
Enjoy Assembly: You can understand the structure of the building block model through the assembling process, and experience the fun of moc under the guidance of the paper manual.
Compatible with Lego 40460: This set is compatible with lego 40460, you can assemble your own creative toy.
Enjoy Time: You can assemble with your family and explore the building block model structure together, and experience the fun brought by MOC.
Ideal Gift: A gift that will surely be adored by everyone of any age, and each style of design is very wonderful and worthwhile collection.

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