NEXTAKE Octopus Bath Toy, Dual Modes Amphibious Octopus Bathtub Toy Windup Swimming Octopus Pull String Crawling Octopus for Boys and Girls (Purple)


Lovely Appearance: This toy is made in the shape of octopus that comes with 2 big eyes, a round mouth and 8 legs, in addition, its legs can move and the octopus can crawl sideways. It looks so funny and lovely for kids.
Dual Modes Amphibious Toy: This toy not only can be played in the water, but also can be played on the ground. It comes with a leash, kids can pull the octopus crawls on the ground. With the clockwork design, it will swim in the water after it gets winded up.
Walk the Pet Octopus: It comes with a leash, and there are wheels in the bottom of the octopus, so it enables it moves when it is pulled. Most importantly, the legs will move alternately and the legs shade the wheel, so it looks that the octopus crawls by its legs.
Kids-oriented Design: The bath toy is made of high quality ABS plastics which doesn’t contain any BPA and toxic ingredient. The structure of the toy is solid enough to avoid it from being damaged easily.
Funny Bathtub Toy: On the back of the octopus, there is a clockwork that enables the toy work without the need of batteries. Wind it up clockwise, then put it into water, its legs will move automatically, and the thrust generated will push the octopus swim in the water.

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