Moving Sand Art Picture 3D Deep Sea Sandscapes Sand Art Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer for Adult Kid Desktop Art Toys for Home Decor and Office(Square+Pink +7In)


【Amazing Beautiful】Every time it is flipped, the quicksand slowly descends, like a waterfall flying sand, slowly forming deserts, oceans, mountains and other scenery. Makes you overjoyed.Let you never get tired of watching, let you decompress and calm down.
【Special Design】The item is a natural balance of sand, water and air.
【High quality】High-transparency glass, selected sea sand, fine sand. Silicone frame, strong flexibility, good hand feel; base, thick and strong, polished smooth.
【Best Gift】Create beautiful pictures effect that mesmerizes not just girls & boys;babies & infants will develop their senses;Everyone use it to relax at home or in the office; the elderly will feel less lonely. Pets love it too!

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