Mesiondy Treasure Island Pirates Ship Building Blocks Sets,Pirates Themed Gifts for Boys Ages 6 Years and up Kits


This is a new caribbean pirate treasure island model decoration, what’s a new product in our store, with 232 parts, full of details and fresh colors, and the finished product can be easily assembled according to the instructions.
Pirate Treasure Island has a cave with a huge skull door, palm trees with opening function, spring cannon with torch, flags, treasure chest, parrots, and rowing boats have a secret treasure map, a nail shooter and an oar; Weapons include machetes, muskets and pistols, suitable for all ages. Pirates are timeless classics. When you move the palm tree back to reveal the treasure, the skull actually lifts. If you like caribbean pirates, don’t miss them.
Treasure Island is 8.07 inches long, 3.34 inches wide and 6.49 inches high. It has the perfect display size. It can be used as a birthday gift for children, a Christmas gift, and a gift for adults’ day. It is a good gift for holidays. It is suitable for decoration and collection at home, office, bookshelf or anywhere else.
After Sales Service: If you lose parts during the assembly process, please do not give up easily, because we have a local Amazon warehouse in the United States, which can quickly realize customer after-sales service. You can click Amazon’s return button, and Amazon will provide you with return service. We also conducted various tests during the production process to ensure the best product quality.

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