MARPPY Baby Bath Toys, Floating Wind-up Turtles, Swimming Bath Toys for Toddlers Kids Boys and Girls, Tub or Pool Water Toys for Toddlers, 6 Bathtub Toys Turtles, 1 Storage Toys and 1 Fishing Net


Swimming Bath Toys Turtles: Includes 6 Swimming Turtles for the tub or pool, 1 Fishing Net and a Mesh Bag for storing and drying toys. The bath turtles toy team is a good way to make the bath fun while washing your baby or spending time together in the tub or at the pool.
Let’s go swimming: While the baby is in the tub, he will try to catch the swimming turtles. Congratulate him every time he does it and he will improve his motor skills, coordination and accuracy in no time. At the pool, kids can also play together and compete with turtles. Let’s see which turtles swims faster!
Safe and Clean Toddler Bath Toys: These bath toys for toddlers are made of ABS, tested for safety, durability and the smooth edge won’t hurt your baby hands. Marppy Mesh Bag also offers quick drying of baby bath toys, so they stay dry and clean inside, ready for the next fun bath.
Swimming Turtles Team are Easy to Use: Wind up the turtles, then put them in the water. They will swim happily. The baby’s face will light up with joy when he sees three colorful bath toys swimming in the tub. Give this toddler pool toy or bathtub toy to kids, and the bath time will be fun.
Surprise the little one with this set of bath toys. The three turtles are cute, colorful, playful, with a good size for small hands, smooth edges and no batteries needed. And the included mesh bag will help parents keep their toddler’s bath toys in the same place, dry and clean, ready for the next fun bath.

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