Marbles Cats Eyes Glass Marble / Sling Shot Ammo 500 pcs. Size is Approximately 5/8.1 inch Green Shooter 10 pcs


These fun toys can also be used as handicrafts, decorative items, decorative fillers. Scientific and mathematical materials. Gardening enthusiasts will also be surrounded by large marble blocks in the garden, which are their own design flower pots, which are very cute. Huge marble is not only used for children and games
500 cat-eye glass marbles, each cat-eye marble is 0.63 inches in diameter. These bulk toys are designed to be non-toxic and CPSIA compliant. Durable and long life.
The marbles in this set can be used in games of skill, traded with friends or for the simple pleasure of studying their unique patterns.
Perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Made of 100% glass.
For Ages 6 and up – Fun for the whole family! – Size is approximately 5/8″

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