Made By Me Mixy Squish Rainbow by Horizon Group USA, Includes 6 oz. of Pre-Made Air Dry Clay, Sensory Play, 6 Colors, 4 Different Crunchy, Bumpy, Soft Textures, Dries Squishy & Smooth


INCLUDES 6 OZ. OF TEXTURED, AIR-DRY CLAY: With 6 different fun colored clays and crunchy, sparkly add-ins like mini foam balls and glitter — get ready to experience ready-made texture without the extra prep!
STRETCH IT, SCULPT IT, SQUISH IT: See how far your Mixy Squish can stretch. Use your hands to sculpt tons of creatures and creations. Squeeze and squish for hours of tactile, textured fun!
TONS OF SENSORY FUN: Mixy Squish sticks to itself and not your hands for tactile play & easy clean-up!
SAFE FOR KIDS: Mixy Squish Air Dry Clay is gluten-free, non-toxic, and made with high quality ingredients.
DRIES SQUISHY & SMOOTH: After 24-48 hours, your Mixy Squish masterpieces will be completely dry — without cracks or crumbling, just soft and spongy fun!
KEEP YOUR MIXY SQUISH MAGICAL: Store your clays in resealable bags or containers and keep them in a cool, dry place!
INCLUDES: 1 Purple Mixy Squish with Iridescent Stars (1 oz.), 2 Bags of Mixy Squish with Hexagon Glitter (1 White with Iridescent, 1 Yellow with Orange) 1 oz. Each, 1 Blue Mixy Squish with Holographic Blue Glitter (1 oz.), 2 Bags of Mixy Squish with Rainbow Foam Balls (1 Lime Green, 1 Red), Easy-to-Follow Instructions

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