LEGO 41687 Friends Magical Funfair Stalls Fairground Carnival Set, Amusement Park Toy, Gifts for 6 Plus Year Old Girls and Boys with Magic Trick


The LEGO Friends fairground set features exciting fun fair stalls including an ice-cream stall, movable face-painting cart, ticket window and turnstiles
This set comprises 4 carnival stalls with a detachable &039;levitation&039; magic trick feature, which kids can use to entertain family and friends
To add to the mystical fun, special glow-in-the-dark bricks come to life when the lights are turned out
The set comes with a micro-doll and 2 mini-doll toys dressed in magical outfits – 1 wearing face paint and 1 with a magician’s cape
Kids can serve ice cream, paint faces or buy a ticket to the fair or take the trick element to wow friends with their ‘magical’ powers

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