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Classic Buildable christmas toys 2022 .This 2022 Christmas tree model latest Christmas building toy! Full of exquisite details: decorated eyes and nose, bushy whitebeard, traditional outfit, black buckle, holding gift bag on the shoulder. One of the top quality of building blocks in the market.Total micro blocks 271Pcs
How to play the Christmas building blocks. Our micro blocks are composed of a variety of different shapes, each of which has a fixed number. According to our operating steps, through the bite of the teeth lines between micro blocks and the protrusions on them, you will finally get a great Christmas crafts. In order to build blocks for kids to stand up successfully, micro blocks bite closely. It is recommended that you follow the steps when assembling Christmas building blocks to avoid difficulties in disassembly during rework
Christmas presents 2022. Our building kits integrate the inherent elements of building blocks and classic Christmas theme elements, so that children can complete their Christmas gifts by themselves before Christmas Eve.Children will cherish their Christmas gifts more because of their serious participation. Who would refuse the fun of assembling blocks? Our christmas toys 2022 has a moderate size and design, and the number will not make you feel too much to complete. New block is very suitable for parent-child interaction, giving friends Christmas gifts
Christmas desk decorations. After Christmas building blocks are completed, it will be a very good decoration. You can put it on your desk. Christmas toys composed of our micro blocks can be placed on the desktop very stably to show off the perfect Christmas gift you made yourself.
Tips: Keep these micro blocks away from children to prevent accidental injury. It is recommended that children play with adults to prevent children from swallowing. We have put more micro blocks in each micro toy box to ensure that you can spell out your complete shape. If you receive our christmas presents for kids or encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us.We will offer you excellent customer service in time.

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