hand2mind Blue Plastic Base Ten Blocks Rods Set, Place Value Blocks, Counting Cubes for Kids Math, Base Ten Blocks Classroom Set, Math Blocks Kindergarten, Base 10 Math Manipulatives (Set of 50)


MATH BLOCKS CUBES: Provides kids with a fun, hands-on way to learn place value, number concepts, number sense, decimals, logical thinking, operations, measurements, addition, subtraction, model place, and model regrouping.
BASE TEN BLOCKS FOR MATH: Base 10 math blocks help students develop math concepts like addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division skills, all in relation to place value concepts.
PLACE VALUE MANIPULATIVES: Base ten blocks come in different shapes and sizes to make it easier to count with place value. The base ten unit blocks represents the numeral 1, the rods represent the number 10, the flats represent the number 100, and the cube represents the number 1,000.
PLASTIC COUNTERS FOR KIDS: As your little one starts their school journey, base ten blocks are imperative for reinforcing early math concepts. They’re the perfect way to supplement their education at home.
COUNTING MANIPULATIVES CLASSROOM: This base ten rods set has enough materials to replace the rods portion of one student base ten set. It includes 50 Rods.
MONTESSORI MATH ELEMENTARY: Our base ten counting blocks help students visualize how counting relates to place value and fits with the Montessori method of learning by doing.

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