FLIPNEX Kiwi Green Clear Slime Crystal Putty Soft Jelly Clay Non-Sticky Slime Premade for Girls Boys, Stretchy Kids Toys Art Craft Birthday Crunchy Bubble Slime DIY Cotton Mud (Yellow)


【Colorful Slime Toys】Colorful slime set with toys decorated with fruits, candies, cute animals, bright colors and rich colors. Perfect as a birthday gift or party favor for your kids to unleash their nature.
【Multifunctional Educational Toy】An ideal parent-child interactive educational toy, very suitable for children to play. At the same time, cultivate children’s hands-on ability, imagination and concentration, combine hands and brains, and help them stay away from electronic products.
【Bright Colors And Good Plasticity】 A whole box contains 6 kinds of colors, the colors are bright, you can mix and match the colors at will, visually attract and arouse interest, good plasticity, easy to operate, and play freely.
【Delicate Texture And Meticulous Design】 The texture is delicate, it is not easy to stick to the hand, it feels comfortable to hold, and it contains various interesting elements, adding fun and stimulating imagination.
【Suitable For Men, Women and Children】 This product is not only suitable for children to play, but also suitable for adults. It can be kneaded and extruded into various shapes to relieve pressure, release pressure, relieve pressure, soft to the touch, easy to operate, and extremely interesting.
【Reusable And Recyclable】 After use, it can be stored and reused many times. It can be sticky in hot summer weather. In winter, it will become hard due to low temperature. You can add a little warm water before use to restore elasticity quickly. Washing your hands before use will keep the clay clean and prolong its life.
【Material That Can Be Used With Peace Of Mind】 Made of environmentally friendly raw materials, it is safe and non-toxic, non-irritating and toxic to the skin or eyes, and meets safety standards, but it is not edible. Children should be supervised by adults when playing and avoid swallowing. Please wash your hands after use to avoid residue from accidental ingestion.

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