DAUERHAFT Stickers Book, Transportation Theme Educational Play Stickers Book Toy Traffic Scenes for Game for Childern(Stickers Book)


Early Education: Our delicate traffic sticker book is ideal for early education, so that children can learn traffic related knowledge in the process of playing.
Non Trace Paste: Our reusable sticker book can be pasted without traces, and can be pasted on an unlimited number of times, so that the baby can continue to play.
Cultivate Curiosity: Playing with our sticker pad book can cultivate the curiosity of the baby, so that the baby grows up to be curious about things, which is very helpful for the healthy growth of the baby.
Parent Child Relationship: This silicone stickers book can promote a closer parent child relationship. In the process of children playing, parents can cooperate with their children to enhance their feelings.
Silicone: Our traffic stickers book is made of silicone thickened paper, and the paper is resistant to wear and tear baby can enjoy exploring the world of knowledge.

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