Color Tool Packs and Book Interesting Babies Washable Seal Seals Finger Paint for Kids Finger Drawing Toys DIY Crafts Painting


1. 24/36 Color Finger Paint: The mixing of different color can create beautiful new colors. Non-toxic children’s pigments have strong coloring power and can be used on hands, skin, clothes, writing paper, gouache paper, sketching paper, handicrafts, wooden products, etc.
2. Early childhood education paint: Children’s washable paint is designed for early childhood development. The coloring kit with colored paints and drawing books will bring joy, fun and endless creativity to children.
4. Easy to clean: Just use a damp cloth. You can enjoy the world of finger painting with your fingertips, fingers, palms, backs of hands and palms. You only need to draw some suitable paints on paper through fingerprints, handprints, graffiti and other shapes. Enjoy good family time.
3. Material: PVC, non-toxic pigment ink, sponge, because the finger painting directly touches the child’s skin pigment, natural healthy, non-toxic dyes are used, sealed cover design, quality assurance when the transparent PVC cover is not used for sealing.
5. Wide applications: The set contains picture books, and you can draw finger paintings with your children and enjoy parent-child time. Perfect for making cards or other crafts. Ideal for murals, wedding decorations, etc. Great DIY crafts and gifts for children!

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