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【Exercise Hearing】Teether Toy is a teether rattle toy, which can exercise baby’s hearing and kinesthetic sense, train physical skills, and make children interested in grasping, very practical
【Easy to Grasp】Small size and light weight, Newborn Teether is suitable for baby to grasp and play in daily life, so as to exercise baby and make children happy
【Easy to Clean】Teething Ball is easy to clean, just clean it with pacifier wipes or in warm water, and then you should rinse and dry the Teething Ball, so it will be a good choice.
【Good Choice】Baby is the best gift for every new parent, we also care about the baby’s growth, so this Baby Teething Ballcame into being. Let us stimulate the baby’s athletic talent, and make the baby grow up happier!
【Color Recognition】Because Baby Teething Toys has different colors, it is very suitable for exercising the color recognition and visual perception ability of 6-month-old baby, and it can also make children have fun

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